My name is Heidi Corning. At the age of 10, I found out by accident that I was adopted (yes, really). The person I had known to be my sister, it turned out, was really my birth mother. I didn’t learn who my birth father was until 40 years later. I found him by combining DNA test results with traditional genealogy methods.

Along the way, I became a passionate researcher, learning how to connect with the spirit of my ancestors, traveling to my homelands, and connecting with long-lost traditions.

Putting these experiences to use, I can help you:

  • find out who you are
  • feel the joy of deeply connecting with your ancestors
  • resolve genealogical mysteries
  • leave a legacy of knowledge and wisdom to future generations.

I am adept at traditional genealogy, and when we reach the end of your ancestors’ records and statistics, I keep going — I use Deep Genealogy. We connect with your ancestors using information from the spirit, natural, and dream worlds, then listen to their guidance and honor our connections with them.

Chinese Astrology helps you find the roles your ancestors are playing in your current life, and which actions you can take to resolve any issues. It describes your character, fate, and free will, but unlike western astrology, includes a map of your ancestral influences.

I have a Master’s degree from Naropa University, with post-graduate studies in Indigenous Mind–a spiritual process for reconnecting with one’s ancestors.

My ancestors are the Han and Tibetan people of Sichuan in western China, and Scot, Gael, Anglo-Saxon, Saxon (Germany), and Brabantian (Southern Netherlands).

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