A Journey Begins

I am embarking on a journey, one that has been many years in the making. No, this process is actually a ceremony, for the pre-ceremonial induction has already begun.

In the last month I’ve had a cold, food poisoning, 3 flat tires, a twisted knee, and dropped something heavy on my foot.

I’m meant to slow down. Not exactly a “Beware!” but a “Be aware,” caution, it appears to me.


Yet as I write this the birds welcomed me–a sparrow on our water spigot and the sound of the doves that were long ago introduced to Maui, as well as the dramatic summer weather on the great plains just east of Denver, Colorado. This place has a hot tub for my sore knee.

I’m reminded of my fellow Indigenous Mind graduate, JoAnn Cannon, who realized the appropriate pace for an ancestral remembrance journey when she got on a bicycle to tour her homeland. Slow down to the pace of our ancestors, reality is telling me.

I give thanks to my ancestors, who have always been there, even when I didn’t know it and didn’t know how to acknowledge them. I give thanks to all my teachers and elders, especially Apela Colorado, Ph.D., who has given me the greatest gift of my life: knowing who I am. As well, to my fellow ancestral journeyers who have walked before me, thanks! Thanks to the spirits of this blessed earth for supporting me.

This is not really the beginning, but the closing of a circle. To the land of my ancestors I go.


  1. i can’t wait to read about your upcoming journey.

  2. Slowing down to the pace of our ancestors is always good advice. Take care. Journey well. We will hold you in our minds and hearts till you return.


  3. I felt a shiver reading that. Can’t wait to follow along <3 RT

  4. Tell us more! Give us more photos! Let the party begin.

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